Peter A. Dettling & the "Top Shots" project

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In 2006, Peter Dettling was one of the first to photograph a wild wolf on Swiss soil after they started to make a shy comeback to the Alps late in the 20th century. Soon after his encounter with this wolf, Dettling started a long term project in the Canadian Rockies portraying the life of a wolf family living in Banff National Park, Canada. When new wolves established a family in the Calanda region of Switzerland, the Swiss-Canadian nature photographer returns to his former homeland to be filmed in a documentary for SRF (Swiss Radio and Television). The Calanda wolves were the first wolves to establish a family in 2012 after their kin had been hunted to extinction by the end of the 19th century. Click here to watch the TV show (available in German).



"Top Shots“: Just a part of the wolf story

Peter Dettling worked intensively on documenting wild living wolves between 2007 and 2011. During this period he published a total of 4 books on this topic, either as the main- or co- author. Please click below on one of the thumbnails to obtain more information on the wolf books, to view the available limited edition wolf prints or to search the vast wolf images archive.