Peter Dettling in front of the camera

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"Top Shots – Peter Dettling and the Return of the Wolves“
SRF Switzerland / filmed: 2013

Peter Dettling and his work on wild living wolves in Canada and in Switzerland. Read more about this project.


"Wolves – Ghosts of the Forest"
- Wild Obsession, Episode 1
Animal Planet Canada / filmed: 2012

Wild Obsession follows brave individuals fulfilling their lifelong dream to come face to face with some of the world's most exotic and elusive animals.  Paired with an expert in the field, each episode sees the just-introduced duo travel to remote areas of the world for a glimpse of the animal in its most primal state.  In the wolf episode artist Lauren Walker travels to Canmore, Alberta searching for a chance encounter with a wild wolf; with guide and wolf expert Peter A. Dettling.


SRF Dok with Reto Brennwald / filmed: 2011

SRF(Swiss Radio and Television) follows TV-journalist Reto Brennwald on his ultimate road trip on the Panamericana from Alaska to Argentina. On his adventurous journeys the Swiss journalist not only travels through breathtaking landscapes but also meets and portrays many fascinating people. Click here to view his portrayal of Peter A. Dettling, the Swiss/Canadian nature photographer (German only).




Peter Dettling behind the camera

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Film sequences for “Top Shots” filmed by Peter Dettling & Tiffany Moore: more info here.


Film sequences for the SRF / "Netz Natur" episode called “Ehre sei den Tieren”.

View the documentary (German only).